humans vs subhumans

Ex-Ontario resident: “It could’ve been me” A last-minute change of dinner plans may have saved Shweta Subramaniam from being a casualty of the Mumbai bomb blasts. Subramaniam, who moved to India’s financial and entertainment capital from Ottawa in February to pursue a singing career, had planned to meet a friend on Monday night. At the […]

2006 Concerts

Rock the Mic

shekhar usually rents a car and drives to toronto whenever he visits but this time he decided to carpool with some people. shweta is in india pursuing her singing career and no one else was coming with shekhar so it would be quite inefficient to rent a car for the weekend. so we decided that […]


rescue on highway 401

my cellphone rang around 330 pm. i picked up and it was shekhar. i knew he was coming to toronto again since shweta was going to participate in the North American Talent Hunt finals. but shekhar & co. had had some trouble on the highway….. they ran out of gas!! lol. i know shekhar has […]